Inspiration Express: Day 4: When Life Get’s Tough

(Pro 17:3) The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, but the Lord tries the hearts.

Life is tough, as days go and nights fall, so do friends and family come and go. As each second leads to a second, one problem leads to another. At times when the nights seem so dark we tend to pray more and draw closer to God, but sometimes it seems all our prayers don’t cut it and the things we dread the most happens. At tines like this all that fills our minds is why, why did God let this happen? why did my friend have to go? Why is all this happening to me?

It’s not wrong to ask questions, but these kind of questions rarely get answered. At times like this it’s easy to begin to doubt God, doubt our faith , doubt our beliefs and most of all we tend to doubt ourselves. One thing we should always remember is that God’s ways are never our ways and his thoughts are way bigger than ours, although he causes us to go through pain today, it is to make us stronger and more prepared for the future he has for us.

So as we celebrate our victories in life let’s remember that the God who gives us the good gifts also gives us the tough situations , however his tests are not to break us, but to make us who he’s called us to be.

“Common clay must go through the heat and fire of the furnace to become porcelain. But once porcelain, it can never become clay again.” – Aruni

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