Common Sense pt 2

8. Find your passion while you’re in school and develop it, if you don’t you’ll spend the rest of your life working 9-5, paycheck -paycheck,  at a job you don’t like, with a boss who  will make your life a living hell.

9. Don’t be popular, instead be remarkable. We tend to remember people who make an impact, not those we see all over the place.

10. There is never enough time to do a job right, but always enough to do it over.

when you solve a problem take the time to create a lasting solution, rather than a quick fix.

11.  People don’t change, they only vibrate.

Don’t love someone hoping they”ll change; they might pretend for a while but eventually they’ll return to who they really are.

12. Anyone who say’s they aren’t influenced by their friends, is practicing the art of self-deceit and naivety.

The people around us influence us, whether we like it or not; so surround yourself with people heading in the right direction.

13. Everyone  can be good, loving, loyal and honest, but it takes a great friend and leaders to show them how.

14.  Be slow to judge others, everyone has a story.

15. like babies sometimes, we put our hands inside fire, hoping that we’ll pull it out right before we get burnt.

Those ahead of us, have made all the  mistakes we can possibly make, it is foolishness to repeat their actions.

Seek counsel, from God and man, there’s nothing new under the sun, there’s nothing you’re going through  that hasn’t been experienced, talk to people and use their experiences to guide you.

16. You cannot love someone if you don’t have the choice not to love them.

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