21 things I’ve learnt in 21 years pt2

Here’s the rest of the lessons I shared in my previous post.

12. Happiness is a state of mind and like all things it takes practice.
Take the time out to smile at someone, laugh, act the fool (sometimes). Like the joker said, “why so serious?”

13. Relationships…
My dad once told me, relationships are like oranges, if you eat an unripe one it sets your teeth on edge and you’ll regret it. However if you wait for it to ripen, you’ll enjoy every bit of it.
Don’t jump into a relationship to feel special or secure,
Embrace who you are and develop your self esteem.
Relationships work when both parties have a mutual goal and a destination.

14. Emotions
Do the right thing even when you don’t feel like it.
Don’t let your emotions control you, instead control your emotions. You’re the boss you know!!

15. You need a partner
it’s easy to set goals, but its very hard to keep them when no one is watching.
The best way to achieve a goal is to find people who will hold you accountable.
That’s why the bible said “he who finds a wife finds a good thing”.

16. Consistency.
Do you know what differentiates Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, from other ball players?
They’re consistent at what they do. Being successful doesn’t mean you win every time, it means you give it your best shot every time, no matter what happens.

17. Nothing is permanent
If life brings success, celebrate
If failure, ask what did I do wrong
If life brings love, embrace it
If hate, don’t retaliate.
If life brings life rejoice
If death, cry.
whatever life throws at you make the best of it, because it’s only for a while.

18. Spontaneity
The best things that have happened to me weren’t things I planned,
in fact they are things I had no idea they were coming.
Its easy to get disappointment when you try and plan everything, especially when you like someone. let things flow, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

19. Be different
Standout, let your voice be heard, try something different,
if your guts don’t agree with what everyone is doing, don’t be afraid to say no.
Before I used to feel weird and out of place when I didn’t enjoy what everyone else was doing. I have come to embrace who I am and understand that I’m different, special, unique and definitely not your average guy.

20. Appreciation
There are two kinds of friends you have, those that appreciate you and those who don’t. Don’t try to impress someone who doesn’t appreciate you, someone who takes days to return your calls and messages, people who don’t care to show up for events that are important to you. Those aren’t the kind of people you worry about.
Tip: your true friends are the ones you feel most special around, those who encourage and help you to grow.

21. Influence
I bet you’ve heard the phrase ” show me your friends and I tell you who you are”, here’s my version ” show me your friends and I’ll tell you how successful you’ll become. People argue that they can’t be influenced by their friends, although this may be true, the people you spend most of your time with will determine how successful you become. If all you do with your friends is talk about other people and what they are doing, no one will ever talk about you.

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