The art of praying

Of recent my prayers have become routine and redundant, i say one in the morning when i get up, and one at night before i go to bed. I prayed the same prayer in the morning and at night. It didn’t take me long to realize my prayers were becoming ineffective.

Here are 5 ideas i’m using to make my prayers more meaningful, i hope you find them useful.

1. Pray before you start.
Have you ever been in a situation where you try all you can possibly do, but you can’t find a solution, just when you plan on giving up, you say a small prayer and voila the solution pops into your head at 4G speeds.
A lot of times we use prayers as a last resort, however imagine if you prayed before tackling the same problem, you would have saved a lot of time and frustration.

2. Prepare.
Imagine you want a raise at work, do you just walk into your boss’s office and say “hey dude I need a raise”. Instead you prepare your pitch, make sure you’re he’s in a good mood and then you approach him cautiously.
A lot of times we reserve our prayers as the last itinerary on our schedule before going to bed, by that time we’re completely tired and we can barely put two sentences of prayers together.
Praying should be a deliberate action, we should set specific times for prayers and ensure we are far away from distractions.

3. Make a list.
It’s so easy to forget the important things when we pray, most times I find myself praying the same prayers every day. It’s like going to the grocery store without a list, you end up buying things you didn’t budget for and you forget the things you needed to buy.

Before Praying take the time out to think of what you want to pray about, ask the Holy spirit to guide you in your selection ,and then write a list of everything you want to ask for.

4. Reference.
The Bible is filled with many promises. Whenever we pray, we should always find a verse in the bible that is related to what we’re praying about. By doing so we hold God accountable to his word.
like a father, God has promised us so many things, it’s our duty to remind him of his promises and hold him accountable to them.

5. PUSH.
Not all prayers will be answered instantaneously, sometimes it takes days, weeks, months or even years. However that doesn’t mean we should stop praying, as children whenever we asked our parents for something we wanted like a toy, we didn’t just ask once, we kept asking until we finally got what we wanted. I don’t know where I read this , but someone once wrote “ Pray Until Something Happens”, I’ll suggest you do the same.

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